IMG_5205   After  helping us put up bird boxes in the new Nature Reserve in Coed Gwilym Park two weeks     ago, our friends from Pen y Bryn School returned to lay bark chipping paths through the trees.We thank John Donovan, our Education Officer, for arranging the event with the school and the Parks Department for providing the chipped bark. Alan, John and Gordon  helped out while the pupils took to the wheelbarrows like seasoned gardeners. On the left, we see Alan trying to get out of the way of a speeding barrow while Gordon attempts to issue a ‘ticket’.

Thanks to everybody’s combined efforts, it will be access all areas for visitors to the park nature reserve from now on.


The next day Gordon and I attended the the school open day. The school orchestra played, St David’s Day Welsh cakes were served and we admired the many craft exhibits produced by the pupils. Being a Swansea fan, I was particularly drawn to this one of the Liberty Stadium.




The delightful drawing below received third prize in the art exhibition and there were many other excellent  models on display, including ones of the Mumbles Lighthouse, Tenby sea front and, pictured on the right, Caldey Island.

We thank Pen Y Bryn staff and pupils for inviting us in to be a part of their Open Day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.