IMG_20170328_093102977       Having bought the premium wood for the gates into and out of St. Benedict’s Church car park at a very competitive price, Gordon and Gareth were faced with the task of building the gates to the exact size, demolishing the wall between the depot site and the church, and then installing them.                                                    IMG_20170328_095332258


They put the gates together on Monday in the depot site in record time so only the last two last tasks remained for the Tuesday Work Party. With drill and angle grinder they were able to make quicker demolition progress with the wall than they had last week on the southern boundary wall. That wall had been  built with larger brieze blocks and the huge pieces  still lay in the old alleyway. Paul, Sue, Gill and Andy threw what they could carry into wheelbarrows for  moving to the sites where they will be needed as hard core later on.



IMG_20170328_110029772_HDR Meanwhile the drilling continued next to St Benedicts car park and when the hole was large enough Gareth was able to nonchalantly hold up the supporting timber with one hand.

It was time to get the gates in place. It took a lot of people to man handle them into position and, as you can see, a lot of lookers-on to cast a critical eye over the work.



Seriously, it was a great team effort, and here is the team in front of their gates. Well done, one and all. We now have access to the towpath work site without disturbing the walkers and cyclists who will continue to use the canal as a traffic-free route into Clydach.