kayak-day-5We are pleased to report that the Society’s  two  Expressions of Interests for funds to assist us and the Canal and River Trust to clear a deeper and wider channel from Coed Gwilym Park to Trebanos Locks have been accepted. The funds available are from the Welsh Government’s Rural Comumunities Development Fund which is administered by the relevant Local Authority. The Swansea/Neath Port Talbot boundary runs across the Swansea Canal halfway beweeen Coed Gwilym Park and the Lower Trebanos Lock so two applications were necessary. We can now submit full applications  to the City and County of Swansea and the Neath Port Talbot Borough Counci. We we have six months to prepare these. We will be working closely with the Canal and River Trust to ensure we have the best chance of success.

Dredging the channel will achieve several things. Firstly, our canoes and kayaks hire craft will have deeper water to use,  a trip boat for visitors will be feasible, a Festival of small boats (known as trail boats) could be held on the canal, and the stocks of fish in the canal can be added to. This would mean that an Angling Society could be started.

We would like to thank all those who signed petitions of support for our campaign. There is a long way to go but with the local community and the Canal and River Trust behind us we will make a very strong case. Remember that it is only twenty years since the last trip boat sailed on the canal. Here is a picture of Clive Reed at the helm. We can do it again.

Clive on DPT