Several tasks are involved in  the improvements that we, with the help of the Canal and River Trust, are making north of Upper Trebanos Lock where the canal disappears into the pipe on its dark journey to the centre of Pontardawe.

Five  foot long treated timber poles are driven-in along the off bank to support the Nicospan membrane barrier. This will stop the silt from the stream, which flows into the canal, building up and making the channel depth too low.









Preparatory work is done on the towpath side in getting a firm base for the sand bags of stone dust and cement which will be topped with Blue Pennant Sandstone  local stone.







The never-ending harvest of drink cans are removed from the end of the canal by ‘spear fishing’ for them, at the exit of the piped section.  This is an historic ‘pinch point’ as original maps will testify, and necessitated the  Swansea ‘day boats’  proceeding in single file.













work23May11Tough but satisfying work.