demolition 11.6.17  Thanks to so many of you for ‘liking’ the last blog on the JCB work in the Old Highways Depot and The Triple Work sites. I felt a bit of a cheat not having a photo of the building to be demolished by the JCB so here on the left is a more comprehensive picture. As you can see, the building on the right needs only the roof gable ends and ceiling struts to be removed. The part of the building over the lock is behind the JCB though our contractors are happy to take to whole building down and remove all rubble. For this we are very grateful.


As I explained in ‘The Canal Beneath our Feet (10)’ the portakabin on the left will not be demolished but put on rollers and taken to the corner of the depot away from the towpath  reconstruction. It will be the Swansea Canal Society HQ for the duration of the work. I do hope that makes things clearer.