There has been some discussion regarding wildflowers and planting alongside the canal.  There are many wildflowers, easily recognisale specieis, but there are also many that are not.  The plants support a diversity of wildlife and play a very important part in the biodiversity of the local area.  Great care is taken when working along the canal bnnks, to ensure that the habitat of the creatures living there is protected.  Please ensure that no plants are removed without first ensuring their idently, and also remember that the less attractive plants, such as ivy, brambles, nettles and many others also have an impotant part to play if you wish to share the canal with a range of invertebates, birds and mammals.   (Weeds are only flowers in the wrong place,}


Below is a list of some of some wild flowers of the wild flowers, which might help in identification.


flower White or Pink Flowers



flower Blue or Purple Flowers


flower Green or Brown Flowers