gordon and gareth take a break 6.7.17.Gordon and Gareth risked being spontaneously combusted as they continued preparing the ground for the contractors to build a new towpath through the Old Highways Depot in Pontardawe Road. It is rare to get a shot of Gareth’s bare torso and it was only after he put on his factor 50 Malibu Sunscreen  that he agreed to take his top off.

the long viewThey both deserve medals for the work they are putting into this transformation of the derelict yard into a  tranquil canal side tow path for use by walkers and cyclists alike. Sustrans Route 43 will  pass through the yard  along a restored 120 metres of tarmaced towpath. Eventually, the canal and buried lock will be there too set in a beautiful landscape of native trees and shrubs.

The route of the towpath is shown on the left by the white kerb stones. It will gradually rise to the height of  the top of the plinth on which the temporatry portakabin stands. See photo below.

The community is lucky to have such dedicated volunteers working to make this eyesore into a jaw dropping water park.   If you think you can help in any way,  contact info@swanseacanalsociety.com

ramp and portakabin