day 2 WRG

Upper Trebanos Lock was a full of our our wonderful WRG volunteers, clinging, it appeared, to the chamber wall like limpets with  legs. At last, after the abortive attempt of two years ago, the off side wall is being repointed. Firmly supported by sand bags, youngman’s boards and palettes, the multi-armed WRG army is bringing the lock chamber up to the standard of the Lower Lock. The pointing was faultless, which was noted by the CRT Heritage Officer, David Viner who  joined the gang a little later.

IMG_20170711_161120  And here they all are before making the descent into the faded grandeur of the lock. Such was the speed and quality of their work in the lock that a sand shortage was imminent by late afternoon.  In the nick of time the lorry arrived, completley blocking the bridge road to the Sewage Works to the east and Green Farm Riding stables to the south.


The young Hi-ab operator/driver did his best to deliver in the two minutes that was obviously all the backed up drivers of the stationary lorries and cars behind him were likely to allow, going by their shouts of  “Come on my fine fellow, get a move on. I have urgent business to attend to.”.                                                       IMG_20170711_165229

Well done and thanks to him for a display of grace under pressure. And thanks to everyone for a fantastic day’s work.