green canal WRG 14.7.17Somewhere along the 800 yards of pipe that takes the canal from Herbert Street, Pontardawe to Trebanos, something cracked. Water seeped out and made its way  undergound below the Pontardawe Playing Fielda down hill towards the River Tawe. Before it could reach the river it found a natural fault in the earth and emerged into the daylight, forming a  rather attractive wooded lake alonside the cycle path. NPTBC and the CRT were informed and manholes were lifted along the damaged pipe to find the exact source of the leak. A jet of dyed water was shot down each manhole under high pressure into the pipe.  A rather pleasing green colour was chosen for the dye. It emerged later into the canal  giving the canal a rather Mediterranean appearance (as shown in the photo). We have been assured that it poses no threat to man or beast.

The leak has, I believe, now been traced and the pipe repaired.