IMG_20170725_112717629    Our volunteer numbers were increased today by the help we were given by the Day Service Centre, West Cross. They spent the early part of the morning clearing the vegetation and litter from the Old Highways Depot in Clydach. They then joined us for tea and cakes at the Canoe Store where we had begun our summer holiday Tuesday Openings. We had a group photo taken as the the sun shone on the canoeists. It is stretching our resources a little to have two concurrent activities but we manage it somehow. Our friends from West Cross helped us do this. Gavin, their Day Service Support officer, is determined that they will be with us each Tuesday bringing between six and ten volunteers to assist us. We look forward to seeing them again soon.

IMG_20170725_100414784   Back at the Old Highways Depot, we continue to clear up the rubbish left by the demition of the building removed from over the buried lock. The progress made can be  judged by remembering that the large flat area being swept by Bob in the photo on the left is the footprint of the whole building. All the rubble has been recycled as back fill for the foundations of the new towpath.




IMG_20170725_193015   Nothing is wasted. Plastic and metal are taken to recycling centre. Only soft non-recyclable materials are taken to land fill. Here Andy gets on his knees to separate polysterene and insulation material from hard plastic and metal. We are slowly getting the whole area clean and tidy as a work site ready for the exciting part when we build the new path.