WRG 19.7 (2)

The Swansea Canal should be a premier visitor destination.

Swansea Canal Society is applying for Welsh Government funding to regenerate the canal between Clydach and Trebanos.

SCS volunteers are already repairing the historic structures along the waterway. If our application to the Rural Communities Development Fund is approved, contractors will dredge the water channel under the supervision of Canal & River Trust staff.

The dredging will be the next phase of our vision to regenerate the historic waterway as a premier water-based activity centre.

A beautiful but underused canal is being transformed into a major visitor destination. This will help support local businesses by raising the profile of the rural areas of Neath and Swansea as a base for tourism, with more money spent in the local economy by visitors.

With a trip boat, a small boat Festival, canoeing, disabled angling, and high-quality interpretation of our valley’s heritage, the Swansea Canal will be an exciting place to visit, as well as offering healthy lifestyle activities such as walking and cycling.

As part of the application for funding, Swansea Canal Society must show that the project will benefit the local tourism economy.

If you know anyone with a business based in the rural areas, can you please ask them to show their support for this exciting project by completing a very brief response form at:-