17861666_10155123170078698_4885065479285269472_n (1)…..Or neck and neck,  or a damned close run thing. The tokens are dropping like blue and red flies into the perspex-fronted  ballot boxes in  Tesco’s checkout corridor in Pontardawe.  At stake are three prizes; the charity with the most tokens gets four grand, the second gets 2k and the third gets  £1,000. All worth having, and all three very worthy charities, and we thank Tescos for including the Canal Society in the three horse race for July and August’s prizes.

But… there’s ne’er a cat’s whisker, hardly a hair’s breadth, between the two front runners at present (as of yesterday’s shopping trip) so every token counts. Therefore, if you are shopping in Tesco’s between now and the 31st August (and that’s seven out of ten of us)  please ask for ‘tokens for the charities’ at the checkout. As you have probably read, we will be using  the money (of whatever amount) towards a trailer for the canoes so that the canoes can be taken fom Clydach to Pontardawe and further north.  As you can see from the photo above, it is very difficult at present paddling along the 800 yards ‘missing link’ from Trebanos to Herbert Street.

Remember, ‘Make a Token Gesture for SCS’.