IMG_20170808_220400  As the peak holiday month is now with us, we have had to put on hold our big work projects and concentrate on the smaller but no less important activities of the Society. In the light of the misguided, non-thinking, pyromaniacal activites in the Forge Fach Centre playground last night, it is perhaps only by just carrying on with the everyday, that we can remain positive and see the goodness in humanity. So we opened the canoe store as usual and, in the warm sunshine, had a most encouraging turn out. Skye and her mother (pictured above) had a first taste of the beauty of the canal in a double kayak and loved the experience.  Another gentleman was so impressed with the trip that he took with his grandson to Lower Trebanos Lock that he left us a very generous donation.

IMG_20170808_115356859Meanwhile, David continued the good work he is doing on the garden plot behind the canoe store. He planted the many bulbs that were a gift from a passer by walking her dog. So many small acts of kindness. Some of the bulbs he passed on to Huw,  Alan and Gerry who were relaying the paths in our new Nature Reserve just behind the garden bed. They used the shredded bark left for us by Swansea Council and planted their bulbs along the path.  Other small pleasures there too.  All three bird boxes have been nested in this summer, voles have been photographed there and Gerry, our bio diversity officer, was ecstatic to see a scarlet pimpernel peeping  out of the grass. His favourite wild flower, he said.


A day of small things, small jobs but great satisfaction.