PORTAKABIN BEGINS TO MOVEIt was time to see if the cabin could still move. It is in the way of the new towpath and it is far more useful to the Society as a visitor centre in a corner of the site on the other side of the buried canal. After 40 years standing in one place, however, its mobility may not be what it once was. Has it, in the current parlance, lost its integrity? An inspection revealed that it was unlikely to fall to bits.

So, it was carefully jacked up, metal rollers were inserted beneath it and a wooden cradle built to move it onto. Strong hawsers were attached to as many points as could be found and a winch and pulley system professionally rigged up and then tied to a lorry. The lorry started to rev up and the hawsers tightened. The portacabin shuddered a little, the lorry revved a little more……and, lo and behold, the portacabin moved.  Only an inch or two maybe, but by continuing this painstaking process it is now settled  halfway onto the cradle. One more day and the cradle will be its temporary home. The portage of the cabin has started.