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SPOT THE DIFFERENCE? Yes, of course you can.

The cabin is now divorced from its plinth in the Old Highways Depot in Clydach’s Pontardawe Road. The gable end of the white painted building is now completely visible in the right hand picture and murky daylight can be seen under the whole building. Yes, the wooden cradle is doing its job. This has been a delicate and difficult operation and the skill of our engineering volunteers is evident in these pictures. The cabin is still intact but its next long journey is downhill and into the far corner of the depot. Will it reach its destination in one piece? We believe it will.

Perhaps we could raise money for the restoration of the canal through the yard by renting the empty plinth out to entertainers and preachers just like the famous ‘empty plinth weekend’ in Trafalgar Square some years back.  Got to think laterally.