With the scaffolding in place over the Clydach Lock chambe,r work could safely start on replacing the rotten sleepers along the length of the  off-side. Having cleared the vegetation and buddleia growing over the sleepers the rotten timbers were taken out. The new sleepers were cut and  the loose stones in the wall crowbarred out ready for the replacement wood.

clydach05IMG_20170905_130848952_HDR   HERAS fencing arrived to make the site secure (right) and the top coping stones checked for a perfect level. The dressed stone of the original top line wass so well cut and laid  two hundred and twewenty years ago that not one was out of true.

The new sleepers were placed in position (bottom right of the left hand photo) to gauge where the reinforcing timbers should be placed to run at right angles into the embankment towards the house.

The Evening Post cameraman  was there to record it all and  was caught on camera himself in the top photo with his zoom lens at the ready.