IMG_20170912_104900161Many of the new timber sleepers have now been placed along the length of the top of the offside lock chamber.  All the rotten timbers have been removed but some slight alterations to the position of the new reinforcing support timbers will be necessary. We were pleased to be able to display the Gower Society sign for the first time. This is important as they are the major sponsors of the current repairs, though, of course, we also have further generous contributions from the Wills Foundation, Vale Inco Community Fund and the Canal and River Trust (who provide site supervision and the scaffolding).

IMG_20170912_142839(1)Our own publicity is important too so we unfurled our own banner facing the passers-by on the bridge. As you can see, it can get quite crowded on the scaffolding!

clydach03Once the sleepers are all in and the coping stones relaid and pointed we can move down into the lower plankway and repoint the chamber itself.

Many cyclists and walkers passed us on the towpath and several large donations were gratefully received from them. We thank everyone for the marvelous support we are getting for this project.