IMG_20170911_161135992Well, they have done it. The cabin has been moved  50 yards to its new position in the corner of the yard on the Capel Road side. The three men pictured above, namely Wayne, Gordon and Cerrith, did it using the mighty machine shown below left. It took most of last Friday to do, of course, as the cabin is in three sections and the stress of being lifted on the cradle could have seen the whole thing fall apart. But it didn’t due to the experience and ability of  Gordon and the two contractors.


If you are not familiar about where we are on the canal the photo (below right) will probably orientate you.  The yard is one hundred yards north of  the Mond Nickel Works and the Clydach Lock. In the photo below the canal is running  underground in a pipe on the extreme left and behind the wall where the bending man is working are the back gardens of Capel Road. Once we have given the portacabin a new door, and washed and painted it, the portacabin will be our site office and visitor centre.




Moving the cabin means that the new towpath now has no obstacles in its way when tarmaccing starts.


Here is the new view looking north up the yard.