20170922_170258Wayne and Gordon have been  this weeks star grinders and breakers in the Old Highways Depot  in Clydach. Wayne has had to demolish and remove the foundations of the building sited on top of the buried lock and Gordon has been cutting metal poles to make the portacabin secure.

The concrete foundations were shallow in the middle of the old building but deep around the perimeter. I am told this is the raft method of building the base. Grodon in  the top left shows how deep Wayne has had to dig on the edges.



Wayne also had the job of removing the rubble. Here he is with  the first load of    the day. Meanwhile Gordon (above) has built a retaining wall in about half a day with the assistance of his two dogs.

Stopping only for a sandwich he then brings out the heavy roller to tamp the towpath down.


And this is the nearly  finished article. Tarmac top the next step….