20171003_142330(1)Mike Griffiths,  from ITV Cymru Wales joined us today to prepare an item on our two major projects in Clydach for ITV’s News in Wales programme. He started out at the Old Highways depot in Pontardawe Road where Gordon and the gang were digging out the holes for the Heras Fencing security fencing. At present, we are about twenty short of a police cordon (as well as a double gate for access) so nothing further can be done on the new towpath until we have a secure work site. Digging the holes is difficult as the concrete base of the old demolished depot building is extremely thick. Mike recorded the gang of four discussing the best way forward (or more correctly, downward).

He then moved down the canal to Clydach Lock where he interviewed Jade Hester, the Canal and River Trust’s volunteer co-ordinator, about the work our Society is doing at the lock in partnership with the Trust. The Trust’s expertise and co-operation are vital to us as we undertake more complex restoration.

20171003_120815                                                                                      20171003_100543(1)

On site (right), we continued to lay the    coping stones with traditional lime mortar and place the sleepers in position.






Mike then (right) got down onto the lock scaffolding to capture close up the skilled work being done.


Rhodri (below) finished the last few coping stones. We can backfill behind the sleepers next week and bolt the sleepers into the timbers laid at right angles to them.

20171003_131947 We thank Mike and ITV Wales for bringing our endeavours to a wider public. The item will probably be broadcast on Friday the 6th October between six and six thirty in the evening.