We would like to thank Michelle for making this blow up of the 1875 map (plus several models) of  lock 7  in Pontardawe Road, Clydach where we are  currently reinstating the original line of the towpath.  She has superimposed the Victorian map onto a 1990s map so that the position of the 1970s buildings built over part of the lock can also be seen. A coloured panorama of  today’s Capel Road sits at the top of the picture to give an idea of exactly where the lock is. A model of a 65 foot Swansea day boat fills the lock which would have been just two feet longer than the barge.

The broad grey  line below the lock is the line of the original towpath which we have now prepared the foundations for. The two buildings that we have either demolished or moved are shown being crossed by the towpath route. The buildings also sat over  small parts of the buried lock. The canal itself is the wavy lined section to the right of the picture and the bywash (the narrow waterway which took the water round the lock) is the black line above the word ‘LOCK’. This is now buried under a few feet of concrete. Both lock and bywash will need to be uncovered when funds are available.

The map and model will be displayed in the Pontardawe Heritageg Centre when it opens and it will later be transferrd to the site office in Pontardawe Road which can be seen on the extreme top left of the map.

The blue Hillman Imp car is an artistic embellishment! But yes, there is parking there for SCS volunteers.