Walkers, canoeists, and cyclists along our lovely canal will have been struck by a couple of new additions to the towpath scenery. An anonymous installation artist (or maybe it is more than one) has created two striking pieces, one using  a recycled bike part, and one a rather more conservative piece of  floral metalwork.

The first uses the stump of a tree that was struck by lightning a few years ago and the creator has shinned up the tree to affix the front wheel and handlebars of a bike to the top, much as if a passing rider and his bike had been thrust up the trunk when the lightning struck. On the way down the perpetrator has added a very useful bird box to  the stump. Perhaps this is a message about sustainable transport  helping wildlife. I like to think so.

The second is a bunch of ironwork  purple and amber flowers affixed to the trunk of a tree. Daffs, lilies and cornflowers would be my guess, though I am open to correction.

Do let us know if you know anymore about our mystery artist-in-residence. We have already welcomed Cheon Pyo Li from New York to our canal,  3 silhouette figures grace Coed Gwilym Park, and there is an industrial installation south of Pontardawe..  Perhaps we have found a more cottage-style creativity.

The surreal.....

The surreal…..


.....and the sedate.

…..and the sedate.