At last, a spring like-feel to the April air.  Inspired by the sun on our backs, our volunteers felt that all things were possible and spread the mornings activiites over three sites.  The main work, under Gordon’s supervision, once more took advantage of the carrying capacity of the new dumper truck. Sand bags filled with cement and stone dust were transported with ease from the mixer at the Canoe Store to the wash-holes (eroded banks) 150 yards up the canal tow path. A lot of manual labour then ensued to get the bags in alignement as a suitable foundation for the vertical wall. Perhaps a couple of  pictures will tell the story better (it seems that Sue is doing all the work!).

IMG0079A                      IMG0083A


The second work gang consisting of the three M’s (Martin, Mike, and Michelle) plus our new recruit, Daisy, paddled up the canal in a raft and a canoe to Trebanos Locks  and, on the return journey to Clydach, cleared the litter and  overhanging vegetation along the banks.

work03 03-04-18                 

Our third work destination was reached after the tea break when  Michelle, Alan and John Jones who all live in the Pontardawe area went up to Herbert Street to clear the endlessly recurring litter cascade below the Pontardawe Aqueduct. Alan posed for ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos looking down into the Upper Clydach River. It is a beautiful spot that should be cherished.

work04 03-04-18          work07 03-04-18


This is what they collected (and that includes the shopping trolley!).    Thanks to one and all who work so hard.

work08 03-04-18

Photos courtesy of Veronica Fuller, Martin Davies, Michelle Davidson and Paul Rapsey.