SUNDAY 29TH APRIL 2018: Canoes and kayaks for hire from the Canoe Store in Coed Gwilym Park. Rafts £10.00, Canoes £7, double kayaks £5, single kayaks £4. Full details of terms and conditions under ‘Canoe Hire’ on this website.











TUESDAY, 1ST MAY 2018:   Work Party meets at Brownsters Cafe High St., Clydach between 8.00 and 9.00am. Work commences at thre sites from 9.15am.

1. Repairs to the towpath bank continues north of Coed Gwilym Park. 150 yards to the north to be precise. Supply lines are stretched so thank goodness we have the one-man operated sturdy dumper truck taking all the sand bags up to the workers (Andy and Sue, usually) who lay them in.

2. Denailing of timbers in the Old Council Yard: Yes, that’s a new one, isn’t it. According to Gordon we have enough timbers in the Council Yard to erect a wooden pallisade round the moon, so get those claw hammers, pliers and wrenching tools ready. Gloves essential.  Thanks to all those helpers who floated the timbers downstream last week. After denailing the timbers will be reused to build the tool and machine store.

3. The channel betwen Coed Gwilym bridge and the Old Council Yard is clogged up. We will carefully thin it out, being mindful of any wildlife and having done an environmental assessment beforehand.






Taking eh 4tonof stone dust from thedumping site to the canoe store.