SUNDAY 13TH MAY:  Canoe Hire at Coed Gwilym Park. Canoes, rafts, and double and single kayaks available from 10.30am to 2.30pm. For full details and terms and conditions see under Canoe Hire on this website.

And we have lift off.

MONDAY 14TH MAY: Monthly meeting of the SCS at the Vardre Rugby Club, Hebron Road Clydach at 7.00pm. All welcome.

TUESDAY 15TH MAY: Work Party meets at Brownsters Cafe, High Street Clydach between 8.00 and 9.00am. Work commences at 3 sites at 9.15.

1.  The building of a secure tool and plant store will start using the timbers floated down the canal three weeks ago.  This will take place in the Old Council Yard, Clydach SA6 5NS.

2. Sand bag repairs to the eroded wash holes continues  from the Canoe Store in Coed Gwilym Park, Clydach.

3.  INvasive weed removal will start in the pound between the Old Highways Depot and  Coed Gwilym Bridge. An Environmental Survey to be carried out before staring work.


We will be joined at these sites by Geoff Lewis from ITV Wales, Mikk Bradley from the Waterways Recovery Group, David Viner, the Heritage Officer from the Canal and River Trust and David Morgan, Operations and Developement Manager, also from the CRT.