Greg Lewis from ITV TV, and his cameraman, Barrie, joined us on a glorious spring day to capture in sound and vision the mental and physical benefits that result from active volunteer working in the community after the age of fifty. He found us working in St Benedict’s churchyard cutting back on the weeds and trees in the lovely garden next to the church. As Father Henry has given us permission at various times to use their car park and has also  given us access to the Old Council Yard restoration site, it is only fair to give the church something back.

Greg, on the right in the above picture, interviewed several of our volunteers about their reasons for volunteering and why they chose the Canal  over other  equally deserving charities.  He then walked back along the towpath to the Canoe Store where Gill,  launched a kayak and preceeded to show him that new skills can be learnt and enjoyed well the over the age of 70! No one  got a snap of Gill in her kayak so here is one of someone else doing the same thing. Can you name the paddler?

Canoes 19.4 (25)

Greg’s programme will be broadcast in July this year.