Richard Parry, Ceri John Davies and Nigel Annett at the Clydach Hidden Lock site.
Richard Parry and Nigel Annett (under the  umbrella) at the Clydach (Hidden Lock) site.

We were delighted to welcome three important members of the governing body of the  Canal and River Trust to the Swansea Canal. Nigel Annett (above, left,in the pale blue sweater)  was appointed as a Trustee of the Canal and River Trust in September 2016 and took over as chair of Bwrdd Glandŵr Cymru on the same date. Richard Parry , standing next to Nigel, is the Chief Executive Officer of the entire Canal and River Tust in the UK. They are seen above talking to Gordon Walker,  our Chairman, (far right) and to John Gwalter, our Treasurer and Acting Secretary, in the Clydach Lock Depot site where they discussed the plans for the future restoration of the entire site.


The third member of the visiting triumvarate was Ceri Davies, in charge of Planning at Glandwr Cymru. Here he is talking to John Andrew Davies one of our Funding Officers, discussing possible sources of funding for the restoration of rhe Clydach (Hidden) Lock site.

After showing our three guests our wonderful Canoe Store and the new towpath through the Clydach Hidden Lock site, we took them to the Clydach Heritage Centre where Sue Evans showed them round. We then travelled up to the Trebanos and Ynysmeudwy Locks where our restoration plans will be be greatly  helped by the Waterway Recovery Group  Sumer Camp volunteers during the week commencing the 4th of August.

We were very impressed by the enthusiasm of  all three of our guests, and we look forward to working with them on our long term vision for a revitalised and regenerated Swansea Canal.