THE CANOE STORE in  Coed Gwilym Park, Clydcah SA6 5NS will be open for the hire of rafts, canoes and kayaks from 10.30am to 2.30pm.  Remember that this is the last day of the National Canoeing Week and therefore the final  chance to add your miles canoed onto your Go Canoeing Chart. Full details and terms and conditions of hire are found under ‘Canoe Hire’ on this website. Rafts £10, Open Canoes £7, double kayaks £5, single kayaks £4.
15 to 17 vets from the Clydach area will be coming as a team to use the craft at 2. 30pm after the end of the public hire.
5th JUNE TUESDAY: Work Party meets in Brownsters Cafe, Clydach, between 8.00and 9.00am. Work commences from Coed Gwilym Park at 9.15am. We will complete the moving of the timbers  down the Clydach Hidden Lock Site to the site office and continue repairing the eroded towpath edges north of the Canoe Store.