Our craft stall beseiged by the Ammandford Ramblers!


We were joined by the Ammanford Ramblers this morning for their annual paddle along our beautiful canal. Our craft stall with all the produce made by our volunteers, was a big success.







        In glorious June weather they took to the boats and were soon making for Trebanos Lower Lock.



FB_IMG_1528873559804Meanwhile down in the site office (below, left) the new plastic chairs were introduced into the open plan layout of the conference suite (well we have had one meeting there). It is becoming a little like home from home.  John and Dominic’s carpentry skills are making a real difference to this old mobile cabin.

John and Dominic do the domestic work




You may remember last week’s photos of Mike rescuing two bikes from the canal. Well he has added to the haul this week  and now photographed them all (below, right).  If you have had a child’s bike stolen and you want it back it may be one of these. May I remind everyone that bikes are not part of the flora and fauna of the canal and should remain on dry land which is their natural habitat.

The canal's  wrecks recovered.

The canal’s wrecks recovered.          










A year ago, we were sent a photo of an escaped terrapin. Well, he is still with us and we came upon him south of Clydach Aqueduct. Luckily it is too cold for them to breed in Britain so they have not become an invasive species. …yet. May I remind readers that terrapins bought as pets should not be released into the wild. We all know what happened to the red squirrel after the grey squirrel was introduced into the UK.  Ditto, Japanese Knot weed.

Ninja terrapin

Ninja terrapin