AGGREKO UK are part of a huge  multi-national Company. They deal in heating, cooling, and dehumidifying generators and equipment. They were involved in restoring electrical supplies to Japan after  the tsumami there. In short, they are big hitters in the power supply industry.

The Port Talbot Office is responsible for Nothern Europe and as part of their Orange Days of Difference they sent four of their staff to help us with our work on the Swansea Canal. Martin, Karl, Andrew and Neil  joined our chairman, Gordon, on the canal section between the Buried Clydach Lock site and Coed Gwilym Park to clear Canadian Pond Weed from the channel.

They used grappling irons thrown across the width of the canal to pull in the weed. I tried to get a shot of them  all throwing them in prefect synchronisation but this is what is what it turned out like. Not a big splash.

Gordon bundled the pulled weed into a wheelbarrow and trundled it down to a compost heap in the Buried Lock work site. With Aggreko’s help the section between the north end of the Buried Lock site and Coed Gwilym  Park is now open to canoe traffic once more.


We are very grateful that Aggreko chose us as a local charity that would benefit from their help. Their staff will be welcome on our canal at any time. 20180716_133302