cutting of the ribbbon 23.1.18

It may have struck passers by that, since the opening of the new route 43 sustrans cycle and towpath through the Old Highways Depot in Clydach in January (pictured above), there appears to have been little activity at the site. Much, is, of course, going on behind the scenes. We have presented our short term work plan to the Planning Department at Swansea Council and once this is passed we can start work again very soon.

We have not been idle in this interim period. We floated the joist and timbers from a canalside demolition near Coed Gwilym Parkdown to the site and we have used these timbers to build our own shiplap tool and plant store. Very rustic it looks too. This is next to the site office at the southern end of the site. We have also made alterations to the site office so that it can accommodate meetings where we can discuss our future plans with our consultant engineer and our partners, the Canal and River Trust. The CRT own  the canal to the south and north of the buried lock site and their support, equipment and expertise is vital if we are to successfully reopen the canal and lock.  The security of the site office has also been reinforced and updated.

Rest assured that the Clydach Buried Lock Site will shortly be a hive of activity once again.

We thank the Gower Society for their generous funding towards the completion of this project.



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