20180731_121700IN PREPARATION FOR THE ARRIVAL OF THE WATERWAY RECOVERY GROUP on Saturday 4.8.18. we lifted a stop plank at the top  fhe Upper Ynysmeudwy Lock so that the water would cascade down and leave the by wash dry. The bywash is to the the left hand side of th lifted stop plank and that is where the WRG volunteers will be working on Sunday the 5th.

Rhodri from the CRT was assisted in this diversion of water by Gordon, our Chairman. After a successful  lift they posed for a picture.

20180801_081449The gentleman in the centre of the shot is our new volunteer, Alan Tremlett, who has recently moved to South West Wales from Wiltshire. He and I were clearing Himalyan Balsam from the Lower Ynysmeudwy Lock and bracken from the towpath edge in the pound between the two locks.   And here he is again working away outside the Lengthsmans hut (left) and in front of the Upper Lock (right). We welcome him to   the Swansea Canal.


Meanwhile at Coed Gwilym Park  (below) the Canoes were for hire on another sunny summer’s day. The work that our volunters have done in clearing the channel of Canadian Pond Weed has been on going and continued even as the canoes were passing.

John with the grappling iron


Photos courtesy of Martin Davies and Paul Rapsey.