Wonderful weather blessed the first FUNDAYZ Festival held in the Players Industrial Estate. Colin Twells, the Player’s Yard Manager, and his team had worked so hard to get everything  ready for the day.


Both the Swansea Canal Society and the Brecon Moutain Rescue team were nomimated as the beneficiaries of the  profits from the event and we had our stalls next to one another.

The 2 stalls

The 2 stalls

Toby had provided 52  hay bales from his farm as seating in front of the main stage. They were very welcome in the heat of the evening sun.

The Hay Bales arrive

The bales in use in the late evening sunshine.

The owner of the Players Yard was brought up in Morriston and knew the canal when it was still in water there. He was very interested in the plans we have for the Swansea Canal and spoke at length with Clive Reed,  our Heritage Consultant in the SCS stall. Clive is in the foreground in the trilby hat in the photo below and Eric is to his right.

Clive discusses the hisory of the canal with Eric Horton.

Clive discusses the history of the canal with Eric Horton.

The cakes you see below were all made by SCS volunteers, though they don’t seem to be tempting Jade Hester from the Canal and River Trust (extreme right, below)or anyone else in the picture! I can vouch for the fact that they were delicious. Thank you Sue and Gill and Andy and Janet for all your hard work making them.

Cakes for saleThe day was a great success  because it was a team effort. The SCS, Colin Twells and The Players Yard staff, and the Brecon Mountain Rescue team worked together to  make this a day to remember.

We offer our thanks to Colin for his amazing hard work in  co-ordinating  all the acts and stalls. Though under great pressure, he even had time to help us produce our SCS welcome brochure in time to be handed out on the day.