This year’s award of a Green Flag for 2018/2019 to the Swansea Canal Society was a great thrill for us.  We were pleased to be able to take some representatives of the Whitethorns Day Care Centre in Morriston with us to the Awards Ceremony in June,  as they help us so much to keep the canal side litter free. Unfortunately, the award ceremony was a national event and took rather longer than anticipated. Our friends from the Day Care Centre had to leave before it came to our (and their!) particular presentation for best kept Parks and Green Spaces.

So, we decided to have a special Award Day for them on the canal itself and hand over our certificate, some bunting and a Green Flag to them to recognize their special contribution to the upkeep of our wonderful canal and our own receipt of a Green Flag award for the third year running.
In the photo above Paul Howard (centre), a staff member of Whitethorns, holds the award, alongside some of the day attendees of the Centre and volunteers of Swansea Canal Society.
Lee Esqulant  the Manager of the Centre has kindly allowed me to use that photo for  publicity purposes.
Below is the actual flag held by the Swansea Canal Society volunteers at the original presentation.
Green Flag2