This month we met up at Herbert Street Bridge, Pontardawe to spend a few hours sprucing up the canal in the area around the aqueduct. This section of the canal shows signs of neglect and so a few hours of work can make a significant difference.

We had a marvellous turn-out with six volunteers along to help and we soon got under way. The ‘before’ photos illustrate a massive build-up of brambles and weeds on the off-bank, plus a small mountain of rubbish and fly-tipping near the entrance to the piped section of the canal.

 Sunday17-02b  Sunday17-02c

We cleared all the rubbish away, including two shopping trolleys previously fished out of the canal. Volunteers Paul and John loaded the debris into the back of a truck and carted it away.

 Sunday17-02d  Sunday17-02e

Meanwhile, the other volunteers, Rabbie, Steve and Jackie did a great job of cutting away at the unwanted vegetation, and stacking it in the on-site compost pile. The bluebells and daffodils are starting to appear on the opposite bank, and this little section of the canal is so much improved by our collective effort.

 Sunday17-02g  Sunday17-02a

Time for a well-deserved tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits. Well done team, many thanks.