The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny as twenty eager Canal Society volunteers gathered at the Boat Depot in Coed Gwilym Park to continue repairs to the canal bank.

The mixer was soon up and running, in the capable hands of the ‘Two Gareths’.

 mixing 26-02-19

Alan and Mike were kept busy pouring the first mix and then setting out the final stonework. One feature that they worked on this week was a stone-lined ramp leading down to the water’s edge. The purpose of the ramp is to make it easier for any animal to get out of the water if they so wish.

 work6 26-02  stones01 26-02-19

This week Alan brought along two more of his hand-made bird boxes for fixing to trees along the canal. A canoe was launched and Alan headed up the canal towards Trebanos. Suitable mounting locations were found and the boxes are now available for occupancy.

 bird box 26-02-19

Volunteer Bob was also on the water putting his newly purchased and rather splendid kayak on its maiden voyage.

All too soon it was time for a tea and coffee, and an opportunity for a group photo.

 group 26-02-19

After the break Gordon, David and Martin were busy cutting and stacking the fallen tree in the Society’s Nature Reserve. Everybody was lending a hand to collect in all the tools, cleaning and packing away all the equipment ready for another day.

 work4 26-02  fallen tree 26-02-19