We were back in Coed Gwilym Park in Clydach this week and twenty volunteers came out on a lovely early April spring day.

If the names ‘Daubentons’, ‘Barbastelle’ or ‘Pipistrelle’ are familiar then you will know that we are talking about bats. This week Alan and Martin were busy putting up the first of Alan’s hand-made bat boxes. Unlike bird boxes with a hole in the front for the entrance, on a bat box there is a slot cut in the bottom of the box for the bat to crawl up through.

bat box 02-04-19

Gill and Ronnie set up the craft table on the canal towpath. There was considerable interest in a magnificent woollen blanket knitted by volunteer Sue. Such a lovely piece of work. All the craft items are hand-made by volunteers to raise funds for the Canal Society.

craft 02-04-19

blanket 02-04-19

Volunteer Gordon was busy assembling wooden shuttering for the repairs to the canal bank just north of the park. This week Gordon also had a go at driving the powered wheelbarrow. Is there no limit to what this boy can do?

shuttering 02-04-19

dumper 02-04-19

Alan got to work on the laying of stone for the canal wall, and was able to complete 10 metres this week.

alan 02-04-19

Meanwhile, further down the canal, our very own Alan ‘Green Fingers’ was occupied planting young primrose plugs. These are the wild species of primrose, obtained from a legitimate source. They will charm and delight visitors for years to come.

alan planting 02-04-19

primroses 02-04-19

Other volunteers were engaged in cleaning canoes and kayaks for the forthcoming boat season, but more of this in the next working party.

A marvellous effort by all the volunteers; well done everyone, particularly Gill for providing the cake!