On a lovely warm and sunny morning eighteen eager volunteers were up at Ynysmeudwy Upper Lock this week to continue repairing the stonework on the by-wash.

A mix of lime mortar was soon prepared and the team got to work. Volunteer Gareth the Younger is getting very proficient with the pointing trowel, and was soon into the swing of it.

Gareth Jr

Alan 14-05-19

by wash 14-05-19

Volunteers Gareth the Elder, Martin and Mike were busy digging away the accumulated silt at the by-wash entrance to expose the stonework. There is a leakage of water through the wall and they will be re-pointing the stonework in the hope of stopping the leak. The exact location of the leak is unclear but several holes were discovered and it is to be hoped that the re-pointing will rectify the problem.

Gareth by wash


This week we had a visit by Dan Brown from Keep Wales Tidy to assess us for this year’s Green Flag Community Award. Volunteer Andy walked him around the site of the Ynysmeudwy Locks to show how we maintain the balance of restoration of industrial heritage in an area of outstanding and sensitive natural beauty. Andy brought him down into the by-wash where the team can be seen hard at work with the re-pointing. There is a section of the wall that is in a dilapidated condition and this was re-built this week.

green flag

Andy root 14-05-19

Andy and Michelle continued the task of removing the large root of an elder tree that is partially blocking the lower end of the by-wash. The obstacle is all but cleared now, well done both.

This week we also had a visit by a fellow contracted by the CRT (Canal & River Trust) to do ‘spot spraying’ of weeds and invasive plants. Of particular concern are the plants whose roots can damage the heritage stonework if allowed to remain unchecked.

spraying 14-05-19

spraying01 14-05-19

Time for a break for tea, coffee and some homemade cake.

tea break02

by wash01 14-05-19

Another productive work party with a great deal of skilful work being carried out. The fresh lime mortar re-pointing done that day was covered to prevent it from drying out too quickly, and to protect it in the event of rain. Thanks everyone.