On a lovely Tuesday morning, sixteen SCS volunteers were joind by Rhodri and Emyr from CRT to work on reinforcing the bank just south of the Trebanos locks. This job, vital in itself, is all the more important as it contributes to the match funding for the grant for the dredging.

These six photos give a brief overview of a very hard morning’s work. Of special note is the new idea of the use of shuttering to reinforce the bank excavated by Rhodri last week prior to laying the concrete filled bags. The last one, of Gordon’s best aspect, shows him digging gravel from the canal bed to be added to the concrete mix. Once the bags have set fully, they will be capped with soil to give a nice bed ready for planting with native species.

 Mixing 2  Mixin and Bag Filling
 Sandbags on the Move  Sandbag Laying 1
 Sandbags Laid  Gordon Digging Silt

Aled took the opportunity to use some of the mix to repair potholes in the lane.

 Pothole Filled 1
 Gill and John Move Rubbish

Gill and John dragged two bags of rubbish all the way from the pipe outlet further north in Trebanos. This area has been something of an eyesore since we were last there, again restoring the bank.

Ronnie spent the whole session furiously trimming the long grass on the embankment of the Lower Lock. Martin helped by sweeping up, but it all proved a bit much for Ronnie!

 Ronnie Trimming  Ronnie Cutting
 Martin Sweeping  Ronnie Exhausted

Then it was time for a well-earned break.

 Tea Time 3  Tea Time 2

And finally, Martin had a driving lesson. He seems to be having fun.

 Martin Wheelbarrow