On a beautiful sunny day, the gang assembled at Trebanos Locks to continue with bank reinforcement. Over this Tuesday and last, a total of 196 bags filled with cement & stone dust mix have been laid. A massive task accomplished, but the job is not done yet.

The A-team, lead by Aled and the two Gareths, mixed the concrete and filled the bags.

 G G and A Mixing  Mixing

The motorised wheelbarrow once again proved invaluable in transporting the bags to to site.

 Delivering Bags

Bags were laid carefully in place and then soil was used to backfill the gap between towpath and new wall.

 Alan T Bagging 196 Over Two Tuesdays  Alan Dom Gordon John Laying
 John Backfill  Alan Dom Backfill

Meanwhile, Martin and Bryan bashed Himalayan Balsam whilst Gordon busied himself retrieving and cleaning fence panels and installing a mini-dam so as to improve the flow of water.

 Martin and Bryan Balsam Bash
 Gordon Retrieves and Cleans Fencing  Gordon Mini Dam

Then it was time for tea, with a special occasion to celebrate – Ronnie turns sixty tomorrow.

 Tea Time 1  Ronnie 60th

And finally, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so it is always good to rest a while for a chat. Great work everybody!

 Cerys Ronnie and Gill Women in SCS  Alan and John Work Rab Dom and Bob Chat