Another glorious sunny day in Trebanos. The SCS volunteers were joined again by volunteers from HSBC Business Banking. We split ourselves into groups to tackle several, vital tasks.

HSBC Gang Photo

The biggest task was to continue to reinforce the bank south of Trebanos Locks. Concrete was mixed, bags were filled, the wheelbarrow was kept busy and bags were laid, under the expert guidance of Alan

Mixing 2

Mixing 3

Trusty Wheelbarrow

Bag Laying 6

Bag Laying 1

Bag Laying 2

Bag Laying 3

The second task was to remove weed from the canal. Bob and Gareth lashed two Canadian canoes together to make a stable platform that was then ably manned by HSBC volunteers. Soon weeds were flying everywhere.

Grand Arrival

Weeding 1

Weeding 2

Weeding 3

Another major task was to retrieve concrete bags from the canal below the Trebanos outlet. These bags were laid a couple of years ago as part of the bank repair programme but, sadly, Trebanos’ finest felt compelled to kick them into the cut. The HSBC volunteers retrieved all the bags they could find and stacked them up neatly for future use as back-fill. Let us hope the vandals do not get there first.

Bag Retrieving Team 1

Bag Retrieved

Once the bags were all out of the canal, the team turned their hands to removing rubbish. This is entirely due to thoughtless discarding of cans, glasses, a high-heeled shoe, etc., etc. and is a never-ending task.

Bag Retievers 2

Rubbish Removed 3

Some of the SCS volunteers concentrated on balsam bashing and general cutting of vegetation on the bank below Trebanos locks.

Balsam Bash

Alan and Bob

At last it was time for tea.

Teatime 2

Teatime 3

Now for the bad news and the good news: One poor HSBC volunteer got a welly-full but Alan did his bit to protect the local wildlife.


Frog 1

Frog 2

Another very productive day made all the more enjoyable by our new chums from HSBC. Come back soon, please!