Phew, what a scorcher! The intrepid gang braved the burning sun to carry out vital tasks in two locations. Firstly, a party set off to the canal just south of the winding hole opposite the golf course in Clydach. Here the channel was almost impassable by canoe and choked with weed, so we set to to remove it.

Pulling Weed 2

Pulling Weed 3

Cerys 2

Pulling Weed 1

The majority of us were at the Hidden Lock site in Clydach. The most back-breaking task was to transport stone from one side of the yard to the other. These stones will prove invaluable in restoring locks, rebuilding canal banks, etc.

Loading Stones 1

Loading Stones 3

Lifting Heavy Rocks

Moving Stones 1

Tractoring Stones 1

Unloading Stones 1

Paul and Dai did a fantastic job of tidying an awkward corner by clearing bags of sand and aggregate.

 Dai H Moving Bags 1
 Moving Bags  Nice Clean Patch

John D and Martin gardened and watered feverishly.

JAD and Martin Gardening

JAD Gardening 1

Watering 1

Gordon, multi-tasking as usual, lit a fire and cut a large stone.


Cutting Stone

Mike the Rubbish

Mike appeared from the mirage at the south end of the yard, bag of rubbish in hand. All of this was picked from a few yards of bank – where will it all end?

Jobs at other locations included retrieving a shopping trolley, balsam bashing in the shade and sweeping the canoe store.

Trolley Retrieved

Balsam Bashing

Sweeping Canoe Store 1

And finally it was time for drinks, cake and a chance to get out of the baking sun.

Teatime 1

Another fantastic day’s work in scorching heat. And today came the official announcement that we have achieved the Keep Wales Tidy Green Flag Community Award for the fourth year running.