Another scorching day! The work party moved from its usual Tuesday to Thursday as we were being filmed for a BBC Wales TV series on the canals of Wales hosted by Gareth and Maureen Edwards. The first batch of photos shows Gordon welcoming Gareth and Maureen to the canal. They met the volunteers and learned how the bank is being reinforced. By chance, the Ammanford Ramblers rambled by. Gareth and Maureen then walked down to Coed Gwilym Park where they chatted to one and all before taking to the water in a double canoe ably crewed by Cerys and Gareth.

 Gareth Mixing 2  Gareth Mixing plus Ammanford Ramblers
 Gareth Maureen and Martin  Gareth and Maureen CHC
 Gareth Afloat A5  Gareth Afloat A17
 Gareth Afloat M1  Gareth Afloat A14
 Gareth Afloat M2  The Gang 2

As mentioned above, the Ammanford Ramblers took their annual stroll along the canal. Several of them paddled off while others relaxed in the sunshine.

 Ammanford Ramblers Afloat 2  Ammanford Ramblers 1

Although filming was the main order of the day, work continued with Isaac delivering bags for Gordon to lay. Dave cut back yet more vegetation and Rhodri strimmed the far side of Trebanos Lower Lock.

 Delivering Bags Isaac 2  Gordon Laying 3
 Dave Weeding  Rhodri Strimming 3

We welcomed Steffan and Morgan who will be helping with our regular canoe hire and proudly displayed our new motorised wheelbarrow, funded by the Landfill Community Trust. Gordon strapped an outboard motor to a pair of canoes and shot off upstream. John took responsibility for canoe hire to the public for our first weekday session in the summer holidays. Our first takers were a charming family of a mildly anxious mum and her very able daughters!

 Steffan and Morgan New Recruits  New Wheelbarrow Landfill Community Trust 1
 Gordon Motorises Double Canoe 2  JG in Canoe Store
 Family Afloat 2

So, all in all a very busy but highly enjoyable and productive day. We hope that Gareth and Maureen Edwards enjoyed their time with us and learned something about the canal now and its plans for the future. We have a community project of which we are all very proud. We look forward to seeing the TV show that will be broadcast later in the year.