On a lovely sunny day, the volunteers split into two groups. The first headed for Ynysmeudwy, where three tasks were undertaken. Firstly, yet more weed and silt was dredged from just above the lower lock.

 Dredging1  Dredging2

Secondly, more balsam was bashed between the two locks. Note Isaac’s deft use of the slasher and the gorillas in the mist.

 Balsam1  Balsam2

Thirdly, Gordon and Rhodri installed stop planks at the top end of the upper lock in order to test the refurbished by-wash. It worked a treat.

 Stop Plank1  Stop Plank2
 Bywash1  Bywash2

Having accomplished these vital tasks, the work party retired to Coed Gwilym Park for refreshments. They found the canoe hire in full swing. The paddle-boards were out too.

 Canoes1  Canoes2
 Canoes6  Canoes7
 Paddleboard1  Paddleboard2

After tea, some of the volunteers cleared a pile of weed from close to the slipway and generally tidied the bank.

 Bank Tidy

Preparatory work was undertaken to make a temporary slipway to allow access for the dredgers in the autumn. It is hoped to make this a permanent feature to allow easy access to the water for small boats. A Trail Boat festival is planned.

 Slipway3  Slipway2

And finally, Martin took these photos in the Buried Lock site. Borage, Red Valerian and Hemp Agrimony are growing profusely whilst three butterflies rest on buddleja in the warm sunshine. Can you spot them?

 Borage Red Valerian Hemp Agrimony  Butterflies

Another very productive day. Well done everybody.