On a bright sunny day, the main work party headed for Trebanos Locks to continue with the bank repairs south of the locks. Isaac was ready to go as usual whilst Rhys chaired the planning meeting.

 Isaac Standing By  Planning Meeting

The mix was mixed, then the bags were filled, transported to the work site and carefully laid in place. It’s a well-oiled machine!

 Mixing  Filling Bags
 Moving Filled Bags  Laying Bags 3
 Laying Bags 1  Laying Bags 2

Dave continued with the never-ending balsam bashing. Probably the last opportunity this season, as much of it is seeding already.

 Dave Balsam Bash 2

Just before eleven, this set of volunteers went back to Coed Gwilym Park to meet up with the busy team hiring out canoes and kayaks . Time to enjoy a drink and cake whilst admiring the tranquil scene.

 Tea Time  Tranquil Scene At Coed Gwilym

The hire was very busy today. Here are three kayakers setting off on their adventure.

 Kayak at Coed Gwilym 1
 Kayak at Coed Gwilym 2  Kayak At Coed Gwilym 3

After tea, the work party returned to Trebanos to lay more bags. Martin took these charming photos of a family that had paddled up from Coed Gwilym.

 Canoes At Trebanos 1  Canoes At Trebanos 2

In the first photo we see the Swansea Canal at its very best – volunteers improving the environment for the benefit of the community and the community benefiting from all the hard work.

Another lovely day, both for the volunteers who achieved much by repairing the bank and manning the hire and for the local community that enjoyed their time on the water. To say nothing of the legions of walkers, runners and bikers with or without dogs taking advantage of the good weather.