Today was all about continuing with the work of the Waterway Recovery Group in the chamber of the upper lock at Ynysmeudwy. The walls were repointed, the arch was reformed and top stones were eased into place.

 Pointing 1  Pointing 2
 Arch 2  Arch 3
 Top Stones 1  Top Stones 2

Beyond the lock, Ronnie pulled out yet more weed, a never-ending task.

 Ronnie 2

Gareth made a grand job of clearing out the trailer and refilling it with tools in a tidy and accessible fashion.

 Gareth Trailer 1  Gareth Trailer 3
 John The Rubbish

As usual, John was on hand to collect rubbish, another job that never finishes!

Tea and coffee time, unusually with purchased biscuits to give our bakers a week off after the business of last week’s WRG lunch party.

 Tea Time 1  Tea Time 2

A most satisfying work session continuing on from where WRG left off.