A beautiful sunny day saw the volunteers at Ynysmeudwy Upper Lock. The first task was to refurbish the wall adjacent to the arch that had been so beautifully restored over recent weeks. Cement was mixed ready for bedding in the stones, dirt and general debris were removed. Two stones that had slipped out of place were carefully removed, cleaned and repositioned. Finally two huge cap stones were carefully placed. Job well done.

 Cement 1  Arch 7
 Arch 10  Arch 11
 Arch 14  Arch 5

The pointing of the chamber walls continued.

 Point 3  Point 1

A significant section of the chamber wall on the towpath side has disappeared so dirt and debris were removed in preparation for a major re-build.

 Clean 3  Clean 1

Gordon and Gareth the Younger retrieved stones that had been carefully set aside for future use.

 Stones 1

Just north of the lock, the never ending task of weed removal continued in the safe hands of Bryan and David.

 Weed 2  Weed 1

John and Mike were on hand to pick up litter, another task that never ends.

Time for a nice cuppa tea and delicious rolls and cake.

 Tea 3  Tea 2

An absolutely glorious early autumn day and an exceptionally productive work party. Congratulations one and all.