Today started in the pouring rain so we decided to postpone bank repairs in Trebanos. Instead the volunteers assembled in two locations. The first was in the Buried Lock site where three tasks were undertaken. Firstly, the remainder of our kit stored in the old buildings was retrieved and stored safely in our new sheds. Secondly, our flagpole was relocated and was soon flying the Green Flag Community Award.

 Flag 1  Flag 2

Thirdly, concrete blocks were gathered, cleaned and stacked ready for use in the construction of the new by-wash.

 Blocks 1  Blocks 2
 Blocks 3  Blocks 4

The second location was in Coed Gwilym Park where room needed to be made for the proposed slipway so the garden had to be relocated.

 Garden 6  Garden 4
 Garden 1  Garden 7

All the gang assembled in the site office to enjoy tea and cake and to celebrate a very special occasion – Gareth’s 78th birthday. Luckily, he had only two candles to blow out!

 Tea 2

The rain kept away, other than a couple of squalls, so much was accomplished in fairly pleasant weather. Back to Trebanos next week, hopefully.