A day that promised sunshine proved to be rather showery but we pressed on with work in and around Ynysmeudwy Upper Lock. As an introduction, here are two photos of the chamber wall taken by Martin. The first is before the Waterway Recovery Group started work in August and the second is a close-up taken as we finished work today. What a transformation!

 Wall Start  Wall End

The main task for the day was to continue to rebuild the nearside wall of the chamber. Gareth and Paul worked hard to mix the cement and transport it to the lock. Alan and Mike clearly had a great time laying the stones.

 Mix 4  Move 2
 Lay 8  Lay 4

Elsewhere, the Yeo(wo)men of the Guard set to to drag out yet more weed.

 Weed 1  Weed 2

Time for tea and cake. We were joined by Paul Gibson, CRT Community Roots Engagement Officer, who was keen to see what this “hands-on” group can accomplish.

 Tea 1  Tea 3

A relatively small group today, but we all worked hard and achieved much, despite the showers.