The day was cool and overcast but the rain held off. In a last-minute change of plans, the gang split itself into three groups – At the Hidden Lock, the Canoe Store in Coed Gwilym Park and on the cut south of Clydach Mond Lock. As the volunteers beavered away, a fish rescue was being undertaken: This was such a momentous event that it features in a blog of its own.

(1) At the north end of the Hidden Lock site, safe access needed to be created to allow the regular removal of debris from the grid protecting the flow of water into the pipe. A scaffolding platform was erected and a concrete slab laid. The entrance to this platform will be protected by a locked gate.

 Grid 2  Grid 3
 Grid 6  Grid 5

(2) In and around the Canoe Store, all the canoes and kayaks were removed, cleaned and safely stored away upside down for the winter. We were really pleased to be joined by Harry, the grandson of our very own Dai Henry, who is working towards his Duke of Edinburgh Award. He helped with the canoes and then painted the railings protecting the slipway. It was an absolute pleasure to have his company and we wish him well with the award and his future studies.

 Canoes 6  Canoes 4
 Canoes 8  Rails 5

(3) Volunteers tackled the weed in the channel below Clydach Mond Lock from the towpath and the opposite bank behind the former Police Station. Growth of vegetation is a major, ongoing problem but much was achieved and soon the water was flowing briskly downstream.

 Weed 3  Weed 6
 Weed 4  Weed 2

Time for tea and cake in the shelter of the Site Office.

 Tea 2  Tea 4

All the volunteers worked extremely hard today and much was achieved. The Society is truly blessed to have such a great team.